Sunday, January 19, 2014

Letter to Our Daughter: One Month Later

One month ago today my sweet baby Anya… one month today you were born! So beautiful, so perfect… you brought us so much love! To commemorate your 1-month birthday, to commemorate the memory of you, dad and I have started a new tradition. We lit a candle, took out some photos of you, and made a list of 10 good things you brought to our lives.

  • You made falling snow more beautiful than I ever thought it could be! Snowy weather makes me think of you Anya, of the day you were born. It will always remind me of all the love in my life. (mom) 
  • You showed me to appreciate every moment of life - even more than I ever did before. (dad) 
  • You are a creation of our love. Our love made you, made something so beautiful. (mom) 
  • You allowed us to dream so many beautiful dreams about your future, and about our family’s future. (dad) 
  • The 9 months you were growing inside me were the happiest of my whole life. You filled me with so much love and so much life. (mom) 
  • You made us feel a love that we’ve never felt before - the love of parents. (dad) 
  • Even though you weren’t alive anymore - and that made me so very sad - holding you in my arms, my baby, was the most wonderful feeling in the world. (mom) 
  • You were the greatest motivation to turn our house into a home. You helped us make our house a home. (dad) 
  • You made the love of my life a dad - and he was born to be a dad! You made him feel so fulfilled, and it was heartwarming to see. (mom) 
  • For all the rest of our lives, the memory of your perfect name (Anya Jeanne Pigeon), your beautiful red hair, your eyes that looked just like dad’s, and your heart shaped lips will bring a smile to our hearts. (mom and dad) 

And now I try to go on Anya, with the thought of you in my heart and a tear on my cheek.

- From mom

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