Saturday, February 20, 2016

Rating St-Paul

Thinking of where to spend eternity? Are you considering St-Paul's cemetery in Aylmer, and looking for an honest review? Look no further!

The Good:

Location - If you're looking for something local, within walking distance from many houses, it's great!  Very convenient to visit 

Digging the hole - If you're considering dying in the cold months of the year, this might be the place for you! They can be dig during winter! 

The Bad:

Treating anything left there with respect - If you're hoping the mementos or decorations that are brought to your grave won't get smashed up, you will be disappointed many times over!  

Solar-Powered Butterfly?
To hell with your butterfly

Temporary plaque until headstone can be placed?
Lets run it over. And your plant too.

Staff - If you raise a fuss about those broken things, they will tell you you shouldn't have had those there in the first place, even though you had asked and they had said it was fine. They might also tell you, if you lose a baby, that at least you are young and can still have more. Then they might tell you, proudly, how they just took sensitivity training. 

General respect for the dead - Do you think a cemetery should be used for as a place for a speed trap? Our local police does. 

In summary:

It's nice, but it could be run better. Much better. Fortunately for them, I suppose most of their clients don't raise too much of a fuss, by virtue of being dead.

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