Sunday, June 21, 2015

Father's Day - Take Two

We have come a long way since last Father's Day. At this time last year, we were out picking a gravestone for Anya. This year, we're picking boogers hanging from William's nose.

The road that led to the privilege of cleaning those boogers was a tough one. And today is a great day to pause and appreciate all that we've gone through over the last year.

First and foremost, I am so thankful and so proud of my lovely Kayleigh for facing all of the daunting fears that come with trying again after a loss; for keeping the lines of communication open between us, even through all of the anxiety and the other difficult moments; for putting her body through a second pregnancy in such a short period of time (almost like being pregnant for two years); and most of all, for being such a wonderful mother.

We celebrated the first anniversary of Anya's birth and death in December. A difficult time of the year was made better by all of the incredible support that we continued to receive from friends and family, even a year later. I can look back on this past holiday season with positivity, which is more than I could have really expected.

We also got to know how a successful pregnancy ends. Holding a crying baby. Then being hit with all of the sleep deprivation, fears and joys that come with being new parents. It's all been wonderful - knowing how being a father is supposed to feel. It's a hat I wear proudly.

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